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How to launch and Market Website

your website is a direct line to potential customers where you can present your game in exactly the way you want to. Your site is also your best chance for building a following, both before and after launching your game. And last, but not least, it’s where you can keep the most money from each sale, giving your fans the best way to support current and future development. In this article, we’ll cover how to get your website and related media ready for launch.

A game’s website can be a crucial part of a successful launch. You can use it during development to showcase your progress, build a following and community, take pre- orders, promote crowdfunding campaigns, and establish your brand. It’ll become the focal point for all your other efforts. The site will be linked to from press coverage, the marketplaces your game will be on, and many other places on the web. As such, it should be the central place where all information about your game can be obtained.

Also, it’s easy to drown in a sea of other games when trying to promote your game’s page on big marketplaces such as Steam. However, you can build a permanent home for your game and generate direct traffic from search engines and media publications with your website.

Game Websites Should have

Keep a development blog to give people a behind-the-scenes look at how your game is being made.

  • Press Materials: information about your game, also screenshots and videos, into a press kit.

  • Contact: Make it easy for people to contact you. Include an email address and a contact form for anyone from press, potential publishers and fans to get in touch

  • Social Media: Link to your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts so fans can follow you on their platforms of choice.

  • Marketplace Listings: Don’t just tell people what your game is about, tell them where they can buy it, And how much it costs.

  • Store: Don’t rely only on marketplaces like Steam for your sales – you should also sell your game on your own website. By doing so, you’ll get to keep the chunk of revenue that marketplaces charge, while building direct relationships with your fan base.

Your site’s design isn’t the first priority — After all, it can give you a valuable edge. Let’s take a look at some indie game websites that have particularly good websites.

Do you have any advice, tips or tricks on making websites, creating trailers or taking screenshots for indie games? Let us know in the comments! Your wisdom might just get included, too.

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