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Keys To Success in Blender

Planning is the key to success

I guess planning is important for all parts of our lives, but for the computer graphics business, and especially for game design, it can save us a lot of time. And with more time saved, we will be able to create more images and models. With more productivity, we will get more clients and work with more projects. And with more projects and games, we will make more money, so time is money.

To make our plan successful, we have to split the visualization projects into two types. The first is the project in which we are the authors, so every decision is up to us. I don't have to say that this is the easiest project with which to work, because we have the power to make all decisions and plan everything ...


The step one get deep into architectural modeling in Blender is to learn how we can model with precision to get the dimensions of our models into the right proportions. The easiest way to model with precision is to work with the background grid. If you have noticed, there is a grid in the 3D View, which we can use to make our models more orthogonal. To use this grid, we have to press the Ctrl key every time a transformation is applied to an object. There is an easy way to test it, just select one object, and press the G key to move the object. Before moving the mouse, just press the Ctrl key and hold, then move the mouse. The object will be moved, but now it won't slide across the 3D View.


Almost all modeling packages have some kind of layer system to let artists organize their environments. In Blender, it's no different. We have a layer system which lets us control when an object should be or not be visible. The layer control buttons are located in the 3D View header

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