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The Right Marketing Systems Work


Once I realized that I could easily hire other people for cheap, and also put the right systems in place that I needed, my life changed for the better.

Now, I realize that you might be a beginner, or you might be a more seasoned marketer or anyone running a business. So it will really depend on the type of business and person you are when it comes to putting the right people and systems in place. You will need to choose what is best for you.

Finding The Right People:

To find the right people I recommend going over to a place called You can easily find people all across the world. You can hire anyone for only $5 bucks.

There are a lot of systems out there to choose from and I've tried a ton of them. Marketing Indiedev games is not hard as people make it seem it just take time and the right system.

These sections of a marketing plan are listed below.

  • Goals

  • Distribution

  • Product

  • Promotion

  • Website

  • Demo

  • Measurement

  • Maintenance

  • Refinement

A goal wouldn't be a goal without an exact date. Have an exact date for the goal. Split the goal in smaller divisions: months, quarters or years – or something that suits you best.

Depending on your company's strategy, your marketing plan might use more than one distribution methods. An easy choice for direct selling would be to set up a website and concentrate on optimizing your website.

Make sure your product offering is in sync with your distribution strategy. If you are aiming for the portals, make sure your game appeals the portals and their players. If you are using retailers to get hardcore gamers to play your game, you need to design your product for the retail store customers.

The main idea for the marketing plan is to describe the goals, decide the actions necessary to reach those goals, measure and eventually refine the plan as the production continues.

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