Growing Indie Game Company Pt.2

Step 5. Working with Others

Collaborating with other developers who have the resources you need with similar focus. For the most part, indie game developers regularly participate in communities online sharing intimate details of their process. TIGSource and Indiegamer are good sites for discussion and working with others. Collaborating can be harmful and beneficial. However most successful partnerships are based on the developers who share similar goals.

Step 6. Find New

monetization ways

There are more than one way to monetize your game. Even if the game is meant to be free, you can still make money off of it. By advertisement, item sales, or even selling while your currently developing it.

Step 7. Redefining your success

Many independent developers spend their resources on whats important for the game. That doesn't mean they are big spenders. It doesn't have to have flashy graphics or a really good soundtrack. However for the segment of gamer"s should remain true.

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