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Journey to Kickstarter

The purpose of this article is to let everyone know what's going on and get some insight we got from other experienced Kickstarter vets that might offer some insight for others who might be thinking about doing a Kickstarter campaign consider this a pre-launch.

This advice and news comes from my experiences so far taking feedback and sharing what I have learned from others and from going through the staging process.

What is Resurgence?

Resurgence is a Survival Horror in it's purest form but it's much more involved with weapon upgrades, horror 1996 setting and exciting cutscene's

The whole idea started in 2014. growing up big horror fans me and my brother thought of and idea for a open world survival horror knowing that it wouldnt be easy we decided it would be three games to fit all of our ideas into it. We gave our very first attempt at it trying to do it in Flash, which was what we knew best at the time. but while this got us somewhere.. it was just not what we where looking for or what we needed.

Over the next year we came back to it a few more times trying some rpg versions and while this was ok, it just wasn't enough. We tried flash a couple of times and I even started a Gamemaker version.

However it always came back to this game needing to be 3D. it would be a much easier game to make but it would have felt like a compromise and I couldn't see myself wanting to make a cheap version of an amazing game experience.

The strategy was to create and launch the kickstarter before halloween to hopefully get some additional exposure with the re-surging interest in all things zombie like. It was a good plan but only if the kickstarter itself were rock solid and could stand on its own.

We had the means to make a prototype which we started in blender and unity We learned a lot a long the way. Tried several approaches to the game, though this experimenting did cost us some precious time to get more done in time.

stay tuned for my next blog as i keep you updated on our progress!!


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