Becoming a Professional Fundraiser

The majority of your costs will relate directly to game development: Thanks to social networking, and open-source resources, there are a plethora of ways to market your game for free.

Understanding how to raise funds for development from the grants-based world is a useful element for any studio or otherwise enterprising game developer.

There are a variety of government grant programs that have been responsible for funding game development related work. They fall into the following broad categories:Development Grants

research grants may not necessarily fund a game, if the case could be made that modifying an existing game is faster, and less costly that would be fine, as the goal is the answering of a research question not the funding of your amazing game idea. Often the funding for games in the name of research is also structured to produce the minimally viable product (MVP) to support the research. This can still be a polished, marketable game, if the funding is high enough and your approved plans require such a level of production to achieve the objective. More and more, grant award judges understand the need for highly polished games however big or small to drive motivation and outcomes.