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Steps to Building a Indie Game Company

Starting a Indie Game company is no easy task! Here are a few steps to start with!

1 Ask yourself: why are you doing this? To be celebrated as an artist or be a dominant force in the games business? Just make sure you identify your true passion, because making games isn’t easy and you will need that fire to drive you forward.

2.Figure out the studio you want to be in five years time, and constantly ask yourself if what you are doing gets you closer to that goal.

3.Document and create agreements with everyone you work with. Make it clear from the beginning the IP ownership rights and how individuals will get paid. Get it out of the way in the beginning so you guys are on the same page.

4.Think about your audience. What platforms are they on? What devices are they using? What devices will they buy? Make sure your content is ready to go wherever they are by using the right cross-platform tools from the outset. A flexible, future-proof foundation for your game means it’ll stay relevant and engaging for life.

5.Make sure you know about UK tax breaks to get 20 per cent back off your game production costs, as well as the R&D tax breaks. Understand how to value what IP you have – not just the game, but tech, people and skills too. Know what kinds of investors you should be targeting for the stage you are at will need to have good relationships with an accountants, lawyers, people in banks.”

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